Collection Story


The Tashka by Beatrice collection of gorgeously handcrafted accessories is the result of a singular goal: to explore the stunning possibilities of color with pieces that become the focal point of personal style. This is truly a collection for which the accessories dictate the wardrobe. The vivid experience of color begins with the packaging – a swatch in a complimentary color fastened to each piece and intended as a recommendation for the color that will bring its brilliance to life – and continues with each wearing of the collection’s semiprecious stone offerings.

From polished to playful, the Tashka by Beatrice collection has been designed to explore the facets of femininity through color, texture and ornamentation. Semiprecious stones ranging from muted pastels to primaries in vibrant or deep tones are all arranged in unexpected combinations, interlocked with sterling silver, gold vermeil or gold plated beading. The accessories are strung on a proprietary stainless steel braided wire made specifically for its strength and flexibility. Tashka by Beatrice is further distinguished by a selection of styles that incorporate wire-wrapped components forming knobby clusters, with up to 300 per necklace. One-of-a-kind pieces feature vintage brooches or pendants, kimono fabric or other fanciful materials for a flash of glamour.

The latest collection from Tashka by Beatrice includes five groups of necklaces and earrings. The two wildly colored signature groups are “Jellybean,” featuring chokers comprised of teardrop and round semiprecious stones, and “Lollipop,” offering arrangements of longer styles with some that incorporate a drop pendant. Both groups include earrings in an array of luscious colors. The “Marshmallow” group presents charming pieces apt as bridal accessories including a choker with alternating plump pearls and pastel clusters, and delicate tiny-pearl cluster earrings. For decadent statement jewelry involving oversized crystal quartz spheres or substantial engraved turquoise beads on a choker, look to the “Gumball” group. Lastly, the “Sprinkles” group is highlighted by gold or silver clusters interspersed with up to 40 different semiprecious stones on necklaces and earrings resembling the named candy confection.
Referring to the Hungarian term for handbag, Tashka by Beatrice was endearingly named for the tote that designer Beatrice Matiash carried her accessories in when first launching in 2000. The Tashka by Beatrice collection is available at specialty boutiques nationwide.

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